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Physics Reception

Incoming Mail (Canadapost), Keys, and Physics Directory

Contact: Liz Glover

Office: Main Office MP 302 Tel: 8-2231

Mail is sorted and distributed every morning to various group, alphabetic, or personal mail boxes located in the mailroom, MP 306. Remember to check for your mail frequently. As the Physics Directory and Mail Recipients list are maintained by the receptionist, please ensure that she is kept informed of any changes in locations, additions, or departures. Keys and Authorization Forms (to be signed by your Supervisor) to various Offices within McLennan Physical Labs are available in the Main Office. Please note that restrictions may apply to certain keys. A cash deposit is required ($25 for room/lab keys and $50 for the building key). You will be reimbursed when the keys are returned. The reimbursement is via cheque (in Canadian funds) issued by the University's Financial Services and is mailed to the address you provide.

Photocopiers are located as follows: basement lounge MP053; mailroom MP306; QOCMP and Theoretical Physics and Nuclear Physics offices MP1109; High Energy Physics office MP804; Atmospheric Physics office MP716A. Photocopiers are accessed through an assigned code available from the group secretary. Copy units are charged against faculty grants or departmental accounts, cash is not accepted. Please see your group administrative assistant if you need access to photocopying services.