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"END GAME” – Summary Table

Specific to the Department of Physics of the University of Toronto
When What Who
At least 9
weeks before the FOE
Submits a
copy of the thesis as pdf to the Graduate Office and requests the
Departmental Oral Exam at the Graduate Office
Schedules the
departmental exam, distributes the thesis, notifies committee members and
student in writing.  It is reasonable
to expect that this will take about two weeks to schedule - longer at holiday
Grad Office
At least 7
weeks before the FOE
Oral Exam
Oral Exam
Suggests two
additional FOE Committee members: a member of the Physics or related
department and recommends an External Examiner
willingness and availability of the External Examiner to participate in the
FOE and informs the Graduate Office
(If it takes
time to identify an external examiner, the seven weeks will be lengthened by
the time it takes to identify the external. The FOE cannot be finally
scheduled until the external examiner has been agreed to by the School of
Graduate Studies)
At least 6
weeks before the FOE
Informs Grad
Office of their FOE preference: public vs closed
Submits the
corrected thesis as pdf to the Grad Office
FOE, distributes thesis to all FOE committee members, books room and AV
equipment, notifies in writing SGS PhD Oral Office, the student, all FOE
committee members and requests thesis appraisal from the External Appraiser
Grad Office
At least 2
weeks before the FOE
Receives the
External Appraisal.  Sends External
Appraisal and the FOE program to the SGS PhD Oral Office, the student, and
all committee members including the Chair
Grad Office
after the FOE
Provides the
student with information on final thesis submission, tuition fee assessment
deadline, graduation ceremony timelines
SGS PhD Orals
Within 1
month of the FOE
Informs SGS
PhD Oral Office in writing that all minor corrections have been completed
Submits the
thesis electronically according to SGS instructions. It is considered
courteous to consult with your supervisor about requirements for additional
copies for other colleagues.  Physics
Library does not require but appreciates a bound copy of the thesis for its