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Selected talk from recent years; others are listed in my CV.

1995  —  back to top

“Compatible and incompatible symmetries in the theory of nuclear collective motion”, International Spring Seminar at Ravello, Italy, published in "New Perspectives in Nuclear Structure" (ed. Aldo Covello, World Scientific) pp 169-183. ps

“Quantization using vector coherent state methods”, At the XIV'th workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics at Bialowieza, Poland, published in "Quantization, Coherent States and Poisson Structures" (Polish Scientific Publishers PWN, Warsaw. 1998, eds. A. Strasburger, S.T. Ali, J.-P. Antoine, J.-P. Gazeau and A. Odzijewicz) pp 157-175.

“Patterns in Science”, The opening talk of a series of popular weakly lectures given to a seniors club by University of Toronto physics professors; selections from the opening talk were televised.

1996  —  back to top

“Coherent states, coherent tensors and Clebsch-Gordan coefficients”, At a special session of the Am. Math. Soc., Iowa City, USA.

“Some things you can do with Vector Coherent State theory”, Workshop on Algebraic Approaches to Quantum Dynamics,  Fields Institute, Toronto.

“Survey of the symplectic shell model”, Workshop on Spectrum Generating Algebras and Dynamical Symmetries in Many Body Systems with Applications to Nuclear Physics, ECT*, Trento, Italy.

1997  —  back to top

“The vector coherent state inducing construction”, in Algebraic Methods in Physics: A Symposium for the 60th Birthday of Jiri Patera and Pavel Winternitz (Springer-Verlag, 2000, eds. J. Patera , L. Vinet and P. Winternitz)

1998  —  back to top

“Symmetry and incompatible symmetries in a superfluid rotor”, Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Association of Physicists, Waterloo.

“Macroscopic and microscopic models of nuclear rotations”, International Conference on "Nuclear Structure at the Extremes", Lewes (U.K.), (published in J. Phys. G: Nuc. Part. 25, 635-639 (1999))

1999  —  back to top

“Quasi-dynamical symmetry — a new use of symmetry in nuclear physics”, International Conference on “The Nucleus; New Physics for the New Millennium”, National Accelerator Centre, South Africa, (eds. F.D. Smit and R. Lindsay, Plenum 1999).

2000  —  back to top

“Quasi-dynamical symmetry; understanding persistent symmetry”, XXIII'rd International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics, Dubna, Russia, (published in the proceedings, ed. G. Pogosyan). pdf

2001  —  back to top

“Some advances in pairing theory”, XXIV'th Symposium on Nuclear Physics, Taxco, Mexico, Revista Mexicana de Fisica 47 (supp. 2) (2001) 1-6. pdf

2002  —  back to top

“Coherent states, induced representations, geometric quantization, and their vector coherent state extensions”, Workshop on Symmetry in Physics in Memory of Robert Sharp,  Centre ce Recherche Mathematiques, Montreal (CRM Proceedings & Lecture Notes, AMS, eds. P. Winternitz, J. Harnad, C.S. Lam, and J. Patera). pdf

“Competition between the pairing and aligned coupling schemes”, International Symposium on “Frontiers of Collective Motions”, Univ. of Aizu, Japan, (in press). pdf

2003  —  back to top

"Quasi-dynamical symmetry",  International Conference on "Computational and Group Theoretical Methods in Nuclear Physics", Playa del Carmen, Mexico (Computational and
Group-Theoretical Methods in Nuclear Physics: Proceedings of the Symposium in Honor of Jerry P. Draayer's 60th Birthday, eds. J. Escher, O. Castanos, J.G. Hirsch, S. Pittel, G. Stoitcheva). pdf

"Some uses of VCS theory", Conference on Symmetries in Physics, Erice, Italy (in press) pdf

2004  —  back to top

"Developments of algebraic models and second-order phase transitions",  in Proceedings of the 8th
International Spring Seminar on Nuclear Physics, Paestum, Italy, May 23-27, 2004 
(ed. A. Covello, World Scientific, 2005) pdf

"Quasi-dynamical symmetry in the approach to a phase transition",  AGM Canadian Association of Physicists, Winnipeg, June 14-17, 2004.

2005  —  back to top

“Vector coherent state theory: a powerful tool for solving algebraic problems in physics”, Professor Brian G. Wybourne Commemorative Meeting on “Symmetry, Spectroscopy, and Schur”, June 11-14 (2005), Torun, Poland (eds. R. King and J. Karwowski). pdf

2007  —  back to top

“Symmetry, quasi-symmetry, and critical phenomena”, at the conference “Theory CANADA 2”, Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada, June 7-10 2006.  Can. J. Phys. 85, 653 (2007). pdf

 “Embedding collective models in the shell model”,  at the INT workshop Oct. 15-19, 2007, Washington, Seattle) on “New Approaches in Nuclear Many-Body Theory”.  pdf

2009  —  back to top

 ”What can we hope to achieve?”, Keynote address at the Mardi Gras Workshop on ”Special Symmetries and Ab Initio Methods for Light Nuclei”, 18-20 February, 2009, Lousiana State University, Baton Rouge. pdf

Sample Publications
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